Monday, January 5, 2015

The grand update

Hey everyone!

Well it's been some time since my last post. So much has happened in the past few years, I'm a mommy of two beautiful wild boys and also am now married. My boys are 3 and 1.5 and are what take a up most of my time. As far as career [[the other half of my days]] I'm currently working on a top secret, super exciting business. It's something that I've been involved in for so long because it's a family business. But since it is still a work in progress I'll leave it at that. Another new hobby is Disneyland. We recently got our Disney passes and it's been awesome. Lots of fun for the adults to. Lol!
As everything is wonderful it is not perfect. [[life is funny like that]]. There is so much

Saturday, February 15, 2014


ITS SO MUCH EASIER TO GIVE ADVISE THAN GET ADVISE?. well to be specific its hard to listen to your own advice! thats the case with me. im looking at my life and other friends are going through similar situations and when i talk to them i know exactly what to tell them. but then i realize im going through the same thing but cant get myself to listen to the great advise i just gave a friend. i guess when your the one looking in its easy to see what going wrong. WHAT DO YOU GUYS THINK?

Wednesday, January 15, 2014


So ive been thinking what exactly my blogs gonna be about! i have so many things on my to narrow it down to one idea was hard... ANYWAY!....well the biggest influence in everyones life are your know with you family,friends, lovers and most of all yourself. Its these realtionships that drive us to do what we do and help to get to where we want to go. Its amazing how these realtionships how insignificant they may seem will drive us crazy or even get us to notice the obvious.! TODAY i want to talk about my relationship that i have with my sisters.... well its a complicated situation but to summ it up we love eachother to death. NO MATTER WHAT... WE ARE HERE FOR EACHOTHER. but somtimes it seems like we cant help but fight like cats and times it even feels like a LOVE HATE relationship.....Let me introduce you in order from left to right (me Rosie.Mayra.Cecy. Letty) We have deep feelings and we have been through some very fucked up shit together. i think thats what keeps us so close!
They are pretty much my backbone. I hope everyone has an amazing support system like mine... we are all so different...and all of these strong personalities can drive a person crazy! thats whats on my mind right now....ill get deeper into it later! anyway! let me know about your siblings i love to read about them!!

Sunday, January 5, 2014

time to leave

so tell me girls! we have that guy in our lives that hopefully amazing and perfect-ish lol!! I KNOW WE ALL DO! sometimes he doest feel the same way and maybe hes even your boyfriend.anyway but alot of girls have dick head asswhole guys that are nice sometimes and you think its okay cuz he loves me! NO WAY! i just went through a situation with my little sister. shes 16 and has tons of im here to guide her in the right direction...anyway she was dating a boy for about a year and she said ugh i hate fighting i miss being his friend but im scared to brake up with him he's been my bf for so that got me thinking...HOW MANY OF US STAY WITH A GUY BECAUSE WE'RE SCARED TO BE ALONE OR COMFORTABLE WITH THEM?
me personaly have been through a couple break ups. and i once i stayed with a guy for to long only because i was stupid and scared...i HATED the guy and just stuck around for TOO long! its a chance we need to take and we cant wait just end it, it might hurt a little but TIME HEALS ALL WOUNDS! thats so true! anyway i learned my lesson...there is no point in staying with a guy when your not happy! i say fuck it FUCK THE COMFORT tak a chance and make yourself happy! WHAT DO YOU THINK!? ANY STORIES? let me know i love to read about these situations it helps us all to open our eyes!